Once upon a time… Nic Graziano heads off to remote upstate New York to carry out his foolproof suicide plan, but apparently, he needed an idiot-proof plan, because now he’s soaking wet, cold, and hopelessly lost in the woods — who would have thought dying of exposure was so difficult? After blundering through the dark, he finds shelter by breaking into a remote mansion, figuring he can talk his way out of a B&E charge in the morning. Except he passes out on the kitchen floor, and wakes up naked — and alone — in Gavin Lovatt’s sinfully comfortable bed. Instead of calling the police, Gavin offers Nic a hot meal, a change of clothes and more, if Nic can believe the looks Gavin is giving him. A few days of hot rebound sex with a good-looking man is exactly what Nic decides he needs before resuming his life. Gavin turns out to be funny, affectionate, and sexy as hell, and if Nic can just keep reminding himself this is temporary, everything will be fine. And yes, Nic has questions, lots of them — like how come a wealthy man in a huge house has no apparent household help — but he can’t seem to remember to ask. On top of that, Gavin disappears every single night, only to reappear in the morning. Nic is the first guy to admit that everybody has baggage, but not everybody has creepy supernatural baggage … and the truth may be stranger than Nic could ever imagine.


Berran FitzHugh returns from crusade to an England torn apart by civil war. He needs a well-born wife to give him an heir, but his offer for Cecelia D’Angers is rejected by her brother, Ranulf. Berran decides to steal her instead, but a muddy skirmish leaves him as Ranulf’s prisoner instead.

Neither man is prepared for the attraction that springs to life between them, but one thing is clear: Berran’s heart is held captive, too.