~ A Hard Dazed Knight ~

This is the novel-length version of the story I did for Love Is Always Write in 2012. It’s somewhere over sixty thousand words at this point, and maybe two-thirds finished.


~ Blown ~

How to summarize this one?

Cole Elliott and Sully Grant were together for nine years, from their first year in college until Sully left to pursue the research for his doctoral thesis. Neither one has ever–quite–gotten over the other, even if it has been twelve years. So when Sully shows up to film a documentary in the town where Cole is now the Chief of Police, they can’t decide if it would be better to avoid each other entirely or… Well, actually, that isn’t an option, not really. And now Cole isn’t sure what the hell they’re doing, and Sully is realizing that maybe he has a chance to get back the one man he’s ever loved. If he doesn’t screw this up. Again.

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  1. Neene says:

    SO looking forward to A hard dazed knight :D and Blown sounds good, too!
    Whatever is happening, I hope you are doing well, and not just for my own selfish (reading) reasons.


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