I’ve had a lot of jobs during my life–I’ve worked for a public riding stable giving lessons and taking out trail rides, been a receptionist, worked for a big insurance firm, a steamship company, a Japanese brokerage house, and done some freight forwarding. I did financial analysis for a bank that no longer exists (not my fault, I swear) until I realized that corporate life sucked. Rather than slaughter my cube-mates (prison=bad), I left and went into business on my own. For the past twenty years I’ve walked dogs in Manhattan, making offices everywhere a safer place.

Next year I’ll be able to retire, thanks to my amazing husband, and the plan is to sell off everything… and move to Mexico. I can’t wait.

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  1. Lacri says:


    I just finished your story “Complicated” and fallen in love with your characters and the world building from the story – I think it was wonderfully well written and more like an incentive for future stories, because I would absolutely buy any other story from this arc – back or future. and I really really love to read more about Trey and Reiner, even if just as secondary cast for the other children. and that dog Moose …it must be something more there :)). Anyway, thank you for a wonderful story.

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