Here’s to 2014…

I’m a terrible blogger. There is only so much time in every day, and given a choice between writing fiction and writing a blog post, I’ll go for the fiction every fricking time.

On top of that, I made some bad decisions last year in terms of work, and ended up spending most of 2013 not writing—or at least not writing anything I should have been writing. Since then, I’ve been scrambling to get some momentum going again…and it’s coming. Slowly.

I do have a short story—Not Water Resistant— coming out with Dreamspinner Press in April of 2014, part of the Juicy Bits anthology. The idea behind the anthology was to feature stories that are just the sexy/smexy/juicy bits—the part of the story you turn to when you want a turn-on. I had this really short M/M/M/M (yes, that’s four Ms) story that I really liked, but had no idea what to do with. It fit the submission guidelines fairly well, so I thought I would give it a shot. And there you go—it was accepted.

Aside from my editing job—I am a contract editor for a publishing house—I have five stories I’m trying to wrestle to the finish. One has a tentative deadline for the end of April, the others are more open-ended.

The novel-length version of A Hard Dazed Knight is one of those I want to finish in the foreseeable future. I hit two plot-snags, and it was only recently that I realized where I’d gone wrong. I know where the story needs to go, but keeping Jay and Simon true to the plot arc has been like herding cats.

And then there’s my were-jaguars…but that’s another headache—I mean blog post.

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  1. Ninna says:

    I’m selfish enough to be really happy that you’re writing again :)
    Hope everything will turn out well (and that you’ll get the cats trained…)

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