Despite swearing to myself that I would not, could not, participate in this year’s writing event hosted by the M/M Romance group on Goodreads—as a behind-the-scenes volunteer, I knew I’d be beyond busy—I did it anyway.

A member requested a feline shifter story, and I just couldn’t resist, ’cause about three years ago, I finished an unpublished monster of a story involving jaguar shifters. So I wrote Complicated, a 50,000 word novel, and used the species I’d created years before. On the one hand, I had all this backstory for a huge cast of characters, and on the other, this needed to be a standalone story. I decided to set Complicated ten years in the future, in 2023, which meant I could use a character who was a child in the original novel—Trey—and give him a grown-up romance of his own.

Trey himself isn’t complicated, but his family is, and any male who wants to get involved with him is going to have to pass muster not only with Trey’s biological father, Blais, but the male who raised Trey, Aidan. Blais and Aidan are lovers, and have been for over fifteen years, and they share their bed with Emery, Aidan’s wife. Then there’s Emery’s much-younger teenage sister, Eva, and Aidan and Emery’s four children, plus Blais and Emery’s daughter. All of them want to make sure the new male who has just arrived in Stone Mountain—Reiner—is good enough for Trey. And things get, well, complicated.

Coming August of 2013… keep an eye on the Love Has No Boundaries event for details…


  1. Lacri says:

    I second it (hmmm … more like I sixend it :)) ) It is truly a wonderful story and I would love to read more about any and all of them.

  2. Lisa says:

    I totally agree. Would absolutely love to read Aidan/Emery/Blaise’s story. Plus I don’t know about the others here but I’m always looking for longer stories.

    Please please!

  3. Erin says:

    J.J. – your story was my favorite of the LHNB event so far! So good, and with such an awesome cast :-). Do you think you’ll ever publish the Aidan/Blaise/Emery story? I hope you do!

    • jjcassidy says:

      Thank you so much! Actually, I wrote Aidan’s story first, a few years ago, but ended up deciding not to publish it. Depending on the response to Complicated, I may seriously rethink that.

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